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How to handle duplicate Header or Footer issue?

If you see this kind of duplicate Header or Footer on your website, don’t worry! It can be solved very easily.

This problem may cause if you import any of your demo file more than one time. Remember, every time you import any demo data, it creates the same file on your server. So, if you have the data on your website already, it will simply create the duplicate data.

To remove the duplicate Header or Footer, go to Header & Footer menu from your WordPress dashboard. Now, select All Headers or All Footers depending on your needs. We are selecting All Headers for this example.

Now you need to find the Header which is causing the duplication. You can easily understand that by seeing here. You can see on which page this header is included or excluded.

Now, we just need to remove the include rules of this page so that it doesn’t appear on that page. To remove the rules, click on Header name or on the Edit link from here.

You are now on the Edit page of this header.

Now, go to the bottom of the page. We can see the Include rules here.

Simply click here to remove the rule from this page.

Hit the Update button. It should remove the duplicate header from the page.

Follow the same way to remove any duplicate footer from your website.

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